Monday, January 28, 2008

Club Contest

Let the games begin!! What is under the bowl??? It could be this wonderful blend, or it could be UGLY..... Or maybe all PURPLE...
NO I don't do ugly blends..... But here's the deal Be brave and keep whats under the bowl or play it safe and trade it in. WHAT TO DO.... Lets see how the game plays out. The count down is on make sure you get your before it's too late. The contest listing will end Feb. 3rd. or when it sells out. Don't wait to the end it may be too late...............

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter ponies

Going to the barn is my favorite part of the day. I do have to say I enjoy it much more when there is no snow, but I love the horses with their winter coats.... I know some people think they look shabby but I think they look snuggly read for horsey hugs.

My L.J. Special is the paint he is still a baby in alot of ways, even though he is 6 this year he wants to act like a two year old with no manners. After I give him the look.... he gives in straightens up.

Miss Lexie the buckskin is my husbands???? She is a little of a hard keeper but with some extra TLC I think I'll be able to keep the weight on.
I didn't care for his horse so I traded him for her. To say the least he was shocked when he came home from work, but he came around after I explained my reasons. ( we have a 4 yearold with no fear, and he was a butt swinger ) Not a good mix.

Next is Little Misty my daughters Shetland, we went on vacation to Maine this summer and she came home with us. We went to my in-laws and Dad raised ponies. Misty was the last one on the farm.So this was Tan's gift from Gampa D. A gift she will never forget...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I did it!!! 3oz. and counting

I can't believe it ... 3oz. and counting. I purchased this ultra soft and shiny alpaca/bamboo custom blend fiber from Steph at Loop on etsy. This is so soft and the sheen from the bamboo is to dye for.... No pun intended. The name of this colorway is BLACKBERRIES 3oz./ $15.00 check her out she has lots of wonderful colorways... As you can tell even I can't resist..

Friday, January 25, 2008

got the crud...

I can't believe this.... I take a little down time to spend with my daughter and have fun.
My brother-in-law came over with the snowmobiles the other night, so while they were warming up I decided to take my daughter out for some fun. I grew up riding so I thought it might be something I could share.... So after about a hour or so of playing in the snow we finally called it quits. Boy did we have fun, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. So the next morning I wake up with spots and stripes covering my throat, my head feels like it's going to blow up and I'm positive that my spine has been severed.
Well to say the least thats the last time I'm going out to have a little FUN...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Copperpot clubby's

I thought this would be a good place to share photos or thought when it comes to the fiber club. I have some new thing in store for the club members I have just been trying to make it through January before I jumped in again. So keep a look out for new clubby blends and contests.

Whats New at Copperpot Woolies

Since I'm new to this I will be doing things at random and LEARNING as I go. So now it's time to add a little plug for my online store.
I have been doing a lot with bamboo and hand dyed firestar, silk and other exotic fibers. So far they have been well received by all. I realize that they are a little pricey but the exotics always cost so much more.... As always most of them are only available for a short time due to the fact of the fibers used. So once there gone that's normally it unless by some miracle I am able to dye the same color... You just never know.. Miracles do happen. I've added a few photo's for a little eye candy.

I'm spinning

Ever feel like your doing a lot of spinning but you can't seem to find the yarn??? Well lets do something about that.I would like to start spinning on a weekly basis so I gave it a little thought and decided that I would do a spin along on my blog. I'm not asking for certain amount to be spun just that we keep each other motivated to take some time for the things that we enjoy .
Not only that I have so much fiber that I'm going to get too one of these days..... So far that day hasn't showed up... ;~}