Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Copperpot clubby's

I thought this would be a good place to share photos or thought when it comes to the fiber club. I have some new thing in store for the club members I have just been trying to make it through January before I jumped in again. So keep a look out for new clubby blends and contests.


angella powell said...

yay! glad to see your blog, will watch here for goodies, and i'll add you to mine! feel free to link me up if you ever add a links spot :)


rebelhousewife said...

Hey you have a blog, great. I will be back to check it out. I love your fiber and will post about how great your store is next time I post in my blog. Off to do some shopping at your store :)

-Krista- (pixiefashions on etsy)