Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter ponies

Going to the barn is my favorite part of the day. I do have to say I enjoy it much more when there is no snow, but I love the horses with their winter coats.... I know some people think they look shabby but I think they look snuggly read for horsey hugs.

My L.J. Special is the paint he is still a baby in alot of ways, even though he is 6 this year he wants to act like a two year old with no manners. After I give him the look.... he gives in straightens up.

Miss Lexie the buckskin is my husbands???? She is a little of a hard keeper but with some extra TLC I think I'll be able to keep the weight on.
I didn't care for his horse so I traded him for her. To say the least he was shocked when he came home from work, but he came around after I explained my reasons. ( we have a 4 yearold with no fear, and he was a butt swinger ) Not a good mix.

Next is Little Misty my daughters Shetland, we went on vacation to Maine this summer and she came home with us. We went to my in-laws and Dad raised ponies. Misty was the last one on the farm.So this was Tan's gift from Gampa D. A gift she will never forget...


Spinster said...

Ohhhhhh they look so lovely! I love the ponies. :)

Heidi (a.k.a. Miss Moo on ravelry)

T.J. Fitz... said...

Thanks so much!! Don't they look so snuggly???